Maid Service


This is one of our core services we provide to our customers. We have been endorsed by Malaysian Government (Ministry of Human Resources) and Immigration Department of Malaysia to bring in maids from other countries. As you are aware, government imposes certain criteria and requirement for this kind of service. There are regulations and policies to be followed. Those consist of documentation that needs to be completed and submitted to them prior bringing in the maids. Only, once we have an approval, the maid will be able to fly over here to work. However, you may leave the hassle to us and we will take care of it for you. Our contacts vary. We provide maids from Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia.

Sri Lankan

  • Trained from employment bureau in Sri Lanka (SLOEA)
  • Choice of Tamil speaking or English speaking (SLOEA)


  • Trained from employment bureau (POEA)
  • Only English Speaking


  • Only Muslims available
  • Only English Speaking




Licensed by :
Ministry of Human Resource
(Kementerian Sumber Manusia)
JTK 364/Luar Negara 000194
Registered with :

Immigration Department of Malaysia
(Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia)


Overview                   Placement Process

Overview of maid recruitement Placement process


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