What is Kinta Employment Agency’s specialization?

We specialize in Human Resource Management, Sourcing Employment of foreign and local workers Our Services are:
House Maid’s-Local & Foreign maids
Local Employment – For job seeker
Foreign Workers – Seek foreign workers for employers


Why choose us?

We are 20 years in this business, 14 years in maid services
We are not selling people but we are selling services
We work for the maid, we work for the employer


What is our company status?

We are a genuine employment agency.
To check for our status, please kindly contact Ministry of Human Resource
Contact Number : +603-8871 1245 / +6 03-8871 1246


Why Kinta Employment Agency Maid?

In selection of maid, 70% of employer’s requirement will be met by the maid.
Employer’s problem will be our problem, so we are careful.


Who should apply for a maid?

Working parents where their children need to take care of.
Working adults with their old age parents.


What is my qualification to apply for a maid?

For Indonesian maid is more than RM 36,000 per annum
For Philippines and Sri Lankan are more than RM 75,000 per annum


What type of maid i shall require?

Baby care
To take care of old age parents


How can maid be benefit to me?

Takes care of household while both the parents are working.
Takes care of old folks.
To be assistant in the family.


I would like to work in foreign country. Where do I start?

Please forward us your updated resume.
If qualified, need to register with us by providing copy of NRIC
Submission of passport to obtain good conduct letter from ministry of home affair.
Our Agency will follow up with successful candidate.


What are the minimal requirements for me to apply for job in foreign country?

For professional workers must have a degree/ masters with above 5 years of working experience
and he /she must be Malaysian citizen, no police record and no bankruptcy.


What are my benefits as professional worker?

Ticket, food, lodging provided by employers (varies to employers).
Higher salary.


What are the payments required for Skill & Unskilled labor?

You need to pay for ticket, visa, levy clearance in Malaysia, and also agency fees.
The rate fluctuate (few thousands).

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